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Ancient City Chapter Fellow Ancient City Chapter MOAA Members The Veterans Council of St. Johns County Florida (VCSJC) and The Military Officers  Association of America, Ancient City Chapter (MOAA) are again sponsoring this year’s  landmark 3 rd annual Veterans Day Parade on November 11, 2017 in beautiful St.  Augustine, Florida. VCSJC and MOAA will be honoring all United States Military Veterans  who served to protect and defend our great country.  Our parade is a tribute to those who have se cured the freedom we enjoy today, and a  testament to the enduring need for such selfless service. Veterans Day is dedicated to  our patriotic service members who have served before, those serving now, and those  who will serve in the future. This year’s sp ectacular, nationally one of a kind strictly military parade will have over  1,500 participants ;  marching  units from all the military services,  military bands,  re - enactor  units representing every war period from the Revolutionary War, ROTC and JRTOC units,  local high school marching bands, military equipment review (ground and water borne),  helicopters, a flyover, and of course our now famous V - LINE depicting historic and current  veterans in period uniforms and equipment/weapons.  As you are aware, our org anizations, both being a charitable 501(c)(3), are very limited  in resources. We are seeking your generous donations again this year to help cover the  costs associated with such a large - scale venture. Please consider a  donation in any  amount  to help defray our cost as we salute and honor our country’s veterans. Please remit this year’s donation to: Veterans Council of St. Johns County P.O. Box 2117 St. Augustine, Florida 32085 - 2117 I ndicate in the  memo : 2017 VDP . We have included a copy of our tax - exempt certificate from the State of Florida,  Department of Revenue. L ook ing forward to you joining our team again this year in celebrating and honoring our  veterans and the sacrifices t hey make and have made keeping us free. Warmest personal regards, Bill Dudley George Linardos LTC (USAF - Ret) CPT (USA - Fmr) Chairman Past  President/Director: Veterans Council of St. Johns County Military Officers Association of America Ancient City Chapter "PLEASE CONTRIBUTE NOW  FOR DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS” "
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"Wreaths   Across   America"    is   in   full   swing   to   make   sure   that   each   and   every   veteran   who   has passed   away,   from   all   wars   and   engagements   in   our   county's   history,   has   a   wreath   placed   at   his/her grave this coming Christmas at all National Cemeteries across our entire country. Please   be   generous   this   year   to   assure   that   no   grave   is   without   a   wreath.   The   amount   asked   for   is very   small   compared   to   the   sacrifices   our   deceased   brave   veterans   gave   on   behalf   of   our   country and    freedoms.    The    sooner    your    contribution    is    received    the    sooner    we    will    be    able    to purchase/confirm that no deceased veteran is without a wreath.
© 2016-17 MOAA-ACC St. Augustine, FL 32085 All rights reserved
© 2016-17 MOAA-ACC St. Augustine, FL 32085 All rights reserved